Step into our November gathering, where we aimed to recreate the charming ambiance of a Jane Austen-era drawing room. Picture yourself amid lively discussions, accompanied by a reading from Pride and Prejudice and a delightful summary of AGM happenings. As we immersed ourselves in period music, Austen enthusiasts engaged in friendly trivia while others observed or strolled around the room at their leisure. But our “work” wasn’t traditional needlework; instead, we embarked on a creative journey, crafting unique Jane Austen-themed holiday ornaments. It was a perfect blend of creative expression and camaraderie, providing each participant with a one-of-a-kind keepsake to cherish.

The drawing room, a central hub for Austen’s characters, where friends and family gathered to read, perform, play games, and engage in needlework, served as our inspiration. Reflecting on scenes from Pride and Prejudice, where Elizabeth and company occupied the drawing room at Netherfield Hall, we could almost hear the rustle of pages, the soft melodies of music, and the clinking of needles. Just like Elizabeth, who took up needlework while observing the interactions around her, we found our own modern twist, swapping needlework for the creation of holiday ornaments – a nod to Austen’s era with a contemporary flair.

Our November meeting was a delightful journey back in time, embracing the essence of a Jane Austen drawing room. The room resonated with the words of Pride and Prejudice, the melodies of period music, and the joyous hum of creativity. Each participant reveled in the unique experience of crafting Austen-inspired ornaments, ensuring a memorable and engaging gathering. And, of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a shared lunch, where everyone contributed finger foods, adding a delicious touch to our Austen-inspired rendezvous.

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